My cakes are baked from scratch and always finished with my signature Italian meringue buttercream on the outside.

I call these my "grown-up flavors" - not too sweet:
French Vanilla Cream: Buttery Vanilla cake with Vanilla Cream Mousse (with or without fresh strawberries) 
Chocolate Cloud: Rich and tender chocolate cake with a fluffy chocolate-y mousse
Lemon Zest: Light refreshing lemon cake with a smooth and tangy Lemon Curd
Strawberries and Cream:  Strawberry (blush pink!) cake with luxurious Cream Cheese frosting

Salted Caramel: White Butter cake with Caramel frosting and Sea Salt
Red Velvet: Crimson colored light chocolate cake with luxurious Cream Cheese frosting
Key Lime Pie: White Butter cake laced with real graham cracker crust and a creamy Key Lime filling
Orange Blossom: Delicate Orange Zest cake with Vanilla Cream Mousse – a little slice of Florida!
Peanut Butter in my Chocolate: Rich and tender chocolate cake with Peanut Butter frosting 
Banana Pudding: French Vanilla cake with Vanilla Cream Mousse + fresh banana slices

Chocolate Raspberry Dreams: Dark and sultry Devil's Food chocolate cake with raspberry cream cheese frosting
Sweet Coconut: French Vanilla cake with a lightly sweetened coconut cream mousse
Caffe Mocha: Dark and sultry Devil's Food chocolate cake with Espresso-speckled cream mousse

Chocolate-Almond Amaretto: Chocolate cake layered with Almond Butter cake with Disaronno-spiked Vanilla Cream Mousse (contains alcohol)

Strawberry Nutella:  Strawberry cake layered with Chocolate cake with Vanilla-Nutella swirl mousse

These are my classic American flavors - a bit sweeter than the others - great for kids (and grown-up kids, too!)
Bridal White: White Butter cake with sweet buttercream frosting (add rainbow sprinkles and call it Fun-fetti!)
I Heart Chocolate: Rich and tender chocolate cake with sweet chocolate buttercream frosting (a good ol’ fashioned chocolate cake)
Cookies n Cream: Devil's Food cake with Oreo Cookie frosting
Classic Beauty: Rich and tender chocolate cake with sweet buttercream frosting
Birthday Cake: French Vanilla cake with sweet chocolate buttercream frosting
Devil Fudge: Dark and sultry Devil's Food chocolate cake with dark chocolate fudge frosting (welcome to the dark side…)